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Outdoor LED Street Lighting Solutions

A street lamp, a street light, a lamppost, light pole, lamp standard or a light standard is a raised light source on the edge of the path or a road. At the time when the urban electric power distribution came to become universal and pervasive in the developed countries in twentieth century, lights for the urban streets also followed and sometimes led. A lot of lamps have light- sensitive photo-cells which get activated automatically when the light is/ not required: dawn, dusk, or onset of the dark weather. This role in the older lighting system could be performed with the help of solar dial. A lot of street light systems are getting connected and linked underground rather than by wiring from one utility post to the other.

LDS (Lighting Design Solutions) is known as one of the largest and the most prestigious manufacturer of architectural lighting in UK since so many years. With an architectonic advent to innovative and contemporary lighting creations, LDS has very quickly grown and have become a market leader and a trendsetter.

Working with design professionals, architects and individuals alike on the projects, both small and large, our skilled team of the project managers and the lighting advisors can help you in designing the concept to completion of the project giving visually appealing lighting solutions, delivered to budget and on time.

Steet LED Light Companies in UK

LDS is UK’s one of the largest manufacturers of commercial lights. With a huge number of manufacturing facility and designs, we give tailored lighting solutions for industrial, commercial, education, residential and healthcare applications.
LED street lighting is a conversation topic all across the UK with the big switch on and switch off debate. The technology is fast changing and the companies are looking out for making the LED street light switches, as it offers significant financial and environmental advantages.

Our range of LED street lighting offers versatility and flexibility when it comes to servicing, upgrades and installation. Our specially manufactured and designed LEDs offer carbon reductions and significant energy savings. These optic configurations give an amazing road condition and high- uniformity all around their coverage.

Benefits of LED Street Lighting

1. Energy efficient

LED uses only 15% of the energy as compared to the incandescent lamps but also generate more watts which results in reduced bills.

2. Long term solution

The life span of LED street lights is between 50 thousand hours to 1 lac hours with a rapid return on the investment.

3. Financial benefits

The LED street lighting is included in Local Authorities carbon reduction tax commitment which is designed for encouraging and delivering lower carbon emissions.

4. Lighting quality

With dynamic controls and latest technology available, the LED street lighting can address the problems of high pollution and dark skies in residential places at the time of dark nights. Crisp white lighting modules can replicate the natural day light aiding in reducing the crime levels and allowing continual visibility when required.