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Street lights and LED outdoor luminaires

Public street lighting accounts for almost half of local authority electricity consumption, or 18% of all energy consumption. The weight of public lighting in the community bill is therefore very important.

It is essential for local and regional authorities to invest in smart technologies capable of reducing their electricity consumption. This is all the more true as the state of play of the lighting installations revealed significant renovation needs. More than half of the park is made up of obsolete equipment (40% of luminaries in service are over 25 years old) and energy-hungry: diffusing balls, mercury vapor lamps (about 1/3 of the park), etc.

The second reason is sociological

The safety of people and property remains the first priority. It is accompanied by the search for a quality of life, a comfort and a conviviality that the luminous atmospheres judiciously distributed in the space and the time and a useful urban furniture, opportune and well inserted in the city can provide. By intelligently developing urban areas, the aim is to make social life outside the home reappear in the cities and to revive a place of exchange, meetings and leisure activities. Urban spaces are the showcase of the city, a reflection of its dynamism and identity.

The third reason is environmental

Limitation of CO2 emissions and the effects of climate change, reduction of energy consumption.
There is a real political and economic challenge in the development of collective areas. This is why little by little, some innovative municipalities prefer natural amenities and save on maintenance and upkeep. Controlled consumption, limited light pollution, lighting adapted to visual requirements, etc., are all criteria to be taken into account for environmentally friendly installations.

The street lighting is part of the street furniture found in the streets. However, it has very high maintenance costs due to conventional light bulbs that are currently located in most lampposts. That is why it is interesting to replace these with LED street lighting. The bulbs or LED lamps for Street furniture UK are beneficial because they are part of innovative and sustainable energy-saving exterior lighting solutions.

This way of illuminating the street supposes the orientation towards a more responsible consumption. In addition, the LED for street lighting also creates the warmest and most enveloping environment and provokes the decoration of public and private outdoor spaces. In this way, Street furniture UK are functional and also aesthetic. The public lighting, therefore, is optimal, thanks to led lamps.

The street lamps meet the needs of energy efficiency, sustainability and cost reduction in public outdoor areas, making them more livable. There are many models of led streetlights for outdoor lighting;they can have a die-cast aluminum housing and they also come with a possible assembly with special surface kit. The LED lights are also prepared to make a precise distribution of light, in areas with a structure both symmetrical and asymmetric.

LED street lamps can also be used for other public spaces, which are not road areas or roads. For example, an ideal lighting solution for platforms and airports is the LED street lighting. The light is more enveloping, lasting, warm and efficient. And the fact is that the LED luminaire is a modern, innovative and simple way to take care of the planet, as well as saving some significant fixed costs.