Fold-Down Pillar

Working with our customers we have designed this pillar to provide a solution for market traders, town squares, etc. where electrical power is needed on occasions combining the need to cater for vehicle access. Easily raised and lowered our Fold-Down Pillar provides electrical outlets wherever you need them.

Using Durbar floor plate we have manufactured this pillar to be able to take the weight of a vehicle. It comprises an underground installation frame and soak-away facilities for rain and surface water, providing an effective solution to local council needs. It is also lockable in the upright and lowered positions.



Models and SizesFDP001
Pillar Size (mm)
Backboard (mm)


Standard features include –

  • Fitted with Triangular Head Locks
  • Backboard of 18mm plywood, treated with clear water repellent
  • Earthing point fitted to both pillar and door

Options include-

  • Pre-wired panels
  • Alternative locks
  • Painted to customer spec
  • Manufactured in Aluminium