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LDS High End Urban Lighting Products & Fittings

The highly practical nature of the urban lighting has not stopped the manufacturers and the designers from adding value to the projects which illuminate our cities be forward facing technology and design. Let’s have a look. Cities are places which are busy 24 hours. Imagine yourself being lost in one night. Imagine you took an evening stroll or you tried to get a taxi but were just stumbling in and out of the nightclubs. This kind of moments is when you truly appreciate the importance of the well-lit and safe streets.

At LDS (Lighting Design Solutions Limited), we offer well-designed and high-end street lighting products and urban furniture with urban lights.Our chic and chosen collection of street furniture and architectural lighting offers a complete range of products from the top European manufacturers and designers, including tables & benches, planters, bicycle racks, litter bins and ashtrays, youth shelters as well as a broad range of materials, using hardwood timbers, steels and aluminum, concrete and cast iron. With an eagle’s eye on the industrial and innovative design, we are very passionate about the quality and about producing durable items. We look for offering the objects which enrich and stimulate the user, enhancing the way of living in the surroundings. All the urban work with all the professionals of the project , the lighting designers, landscape architects and architects who are interested in the high-quality , original contemporary design are linked with us. Bespoke and customization options are also possible. So, call us now for further discussion!

Lighting fittings UK – dealer and manufacturer

Specialized in adorning the outdoor spaces, LDS has been aiding its customers in carrying out their projects for so many years now.

Lighting Design Solutions makes light concepts for rural and urban areas. Also, along with industrial and decorative outdoor luminaires, we also manufacture urban furniture as that it complements well in the lighting range. Hence, an array of functional products has been developed in the same kind of design as the light fittings. This concept of design and engineering began way back when the first steel luminaires were made. Flexibility, diligence, engineering method, service, motivated and skilled staff, skills, teamwork are some of the most prominent features which have played a huge role in shaping LDS and are now it’s very crucial and integral part. Being the street light manufacturers in UK, we take pride in offering lighting solutions for about all the needs starting from engineers to architects.

The delivery of top-notch products is ensured by use of advanced equipment, designers and engineers in co-operation with our sales team who stay in touch with the customers. We are established and proud lighting manufacturers in UK. To stay the leader that we are in the latest design and technology, we have, in recent years, increasingly worked on the production and development of industrial and decorative luminaires with varying LED technologies & light management systems. This has in turn led to our sales sky-rocketing. Sky is truly the limit. In today’s date and time, more than 86% of the everyday manufacture of LED luminaires takes place.