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LDS: Boss in Lighting Design

LED Street Light, Outdoor Lights, Stainless Steel Furniture

LDS supplies and manufactures lighting solutions and luminaires for public sector and business. Having years of expertise and industry in the lighting industry enables us in delivering cost-effective projects with a high efficiency level. We provide expert advice and have technical know-how and ability along with the drive for economical esprit of all the undertaken projects.

From basic and primary designs made by our in-house designing team, to innovation of product, LDS offers their customers lighting solution and fully – unified luminaire. With years of experience of being among the top leading commercial lights manufacturer in UK, we provide an extensive catalogue of some of the most innovative and latest industrial lighting solutions. Our products are used by public sector organizations, public sector and a number of buildings for giving a combination of aesthetics, lighting and safety conscious lighting.

We have a specializing in the manufacturing of energy-saving lighting. Our luminaires are made in ISO 9001 factory which enables us to manufacture not just off the shelf fittings but also bespoke solutions according to particular specifications. We are also specialist suppliers of hazardous area lighting. Our technical staff holds expertise in the field and can give you advice on any needs throughout UK. LDS specializes in the manufacturing of innovative solutions which are both effective and safe.

We have made a huge investment in the making and developing of a huge range of LED lighting solutions for urban lights. Since we manufacture and we design our own luminaires, we have not been compelled down the course of most lighting suppliers of acclimating innovative LED technology for fitting present fittings. We have been able to make authentic and aboriginal luminaires which can take full of benefits of the latest LED technology available. In case you want to take benefits of the new lighting technology at an antagonistic price, contact LDS now!

We are proud in showing our commitment and dedication in sustaining and maintaining local industrial links along with employment in Hertfordshire and rest of the UK.

Perfect for the purpose

From business hubs to premium office spaces, the working environment comes in varied and wide forms. The development and design of the ultra- contemporary workplaces has lighting and interiors at its core. With our latest and design- driven LED solutions, LDS has established itself as the lighting of prime for astute organizations whose brand experience begins at their own front door!

Architectural lighting solutions for digital environments

More & more population work in the environment of office, which is mainly digital environments in today’s time and date, where tasks and functions have moved from being the paper-based work where the main task / view surfaces are horizontal to mainly screen- bases which are vertical! What the users need and want from the office lighting is to be able to conduct accurate, quick work within comfortable and safe environment. Ground rules or markets are for 300 to 500 lux depending on the kind of work being carried out in the place.