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Garden Lighting and Outdoor Lighting, UK

The outdoor lighting can aid in transforming the feel and the appearance of a garden. We at LDS (Lighting Design Solutions) offer a range of the outdoor lighting products for both aesthetic and practical use. Our drive- over outdoor lights, floodlights and porch lights can enhance the safety around your house. Also, along with this, our decorative garden lanterns, garden spotlights and outdoor flush lights can aid in lighting up your garden. We also have a range of the solar powered outdoor lights, perfect for dismissing the requirement of wiring. Our outdoor lighting symbolizes amazing value for money with the solutions which suit all your budgets.

Get the outdoor lighting you need!

Our range is inclusive of everything from garden wall illuminations and spot to lanterns, security and path lighting. No matter if you are after the practical solutions, decorative items or a combo of both, we are on hand to aid! We also deal in a vast range of solar powered and LED products. Outdoor illuminations are perfect for summer soirees, however, they can come in handy all around the year as well and they have the ability to dramatically improve the looks of your garden.

When you come to LDS for buying the outside lights for commercial or house premises, you can rest assured you are benefitting from the top notch items. Nonetheless, you will not have to spend a huge amount for getting your hands on these products.

Our outdoor lighting showcases amazing value for money. We have solutions which suit all budgets. To see our exciting selection of the outdoor lighting for yourself, you can simply have a look at our entire range! In case you have any queries about the products that we offer, or in case you need suggestions or advice on the best possible solutions, please do not hesitate to contact and talk with our professional and friendly team.

Increase the security of your house and add delicate surroundings with our outdoor lighting! Our range of the exterior lighting is inclusive of security lighting, floodlights, garden lanterns and wall lights.

Security lights:

Our security lights range includes the motion detection features along with PIR- cutting edge Passive Infra-red features.


These high powered lights will lighten up the large areas for providing you with the impactful security and great peace of mind.

Garden lanterns:

Our garden lanterns will add atmosphere and style to your home exterior and your garden.

Post lights:

These lights are perfect for highlighting the exterior spaces along with the features which include driveways and garden.

Decking lights:

Our decking lights will add atmosphere and style to our home exterior and garden.

Wall lights:

Our exterior wall lights are very durable and long lasting for all the weathers and come in an array of designs to suit your style!

Solar lights:

These lights are perfect for illuminating any outdoor space.

Work lights:

LDS offers a huge range of the work lights perfect for houses and site use.