Garden Lighting and Outdoor Lighting, UK

The outdoor lighting can aid in transforming the feel and the appearance of a garden. We at LDS (Lighting Design Solutions) offer a range of the outdoor lighting products for both aesthetic and practical use. Our drive- over outdoor lights, floodlights and porch lights can enhance the safety around your

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Outdoor LED Street Lighting Solutions

Urban LED Street Lighting Solutions: LDS

A street lamp, a street light, a lamppost, light pole, lamp standard or a light standard is a raised light source on the edge of the path or a road. At the time when the urban electric power distribution came to become universal and pervasive in the developed countries in

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Creative Architectural Lighting Solutions

LDS (Lighting Design Solutions) are the extraordinary manufacturers of lighting in UK with their employee co-owners. LDS also supplies lighting hardware, bulbs, and fabric cable in the component form. We provide the best practical and creative architectural lighting solutions. We have been manufacturing and designing urban lights  and urban lighting

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LED Street Light, Outdoor Lights, Stainless Steel Furniture

LDS: Boss in Lighting Design

LDS supplies and manufactures lighting solutions and luminaires for public sector and business. Having years of expertise and industry in the lighting industry enables us in delivering cost-effective projects with a high efficiency level. We provide expert advice and have technical know-how and ability along with the drive for economical

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LDS High End Urban Lighting Products & Fittings

The highly practical nature of the urban lighting has not stopped the manufacturers and the designers from adding value to the projects which illuminate our cities be forward facing technology and design. Let’s have a look. Cities are places which are busy 24 hours. Imagine yourself being lost in one

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Lighting suppliers uk

Best quality lighting suppliers in UK

The principle of LDS is very simple i.e. to provide all kinds of urban lights and a lot more for all kinds of lifestyles. We have a lot of styles on display in our Hertfordshire manufacturing unit as well which feature the innovative technologies and hottest looks in LED lighting.

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Lighting manufacturers

Lighting Manufacturers & Suppliers UK

No matter whether you are looking for something which improves your garden or no matter if you have recently moved into a new house and just want to make your garden yours by putting your mark on it, as our customer, you can be sure that you will be illuminating

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Street lights and LED outdoor luminaires

Public street lighting accounts for almost half of local authority electricity consumption, or 18% of all energy consumption. The weight of public lighting in the community bill is therefore very important. It is essential for local and regional authorities to invest in smart technologies capable of reducing their electricity consumption.

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Public lighting: a fast and recent evolution

With the development of smart street lighting and street furniture, technology is serving citizens to improve their lives, but also to serve the community to save energy and reduce the costs associated with deploying maintenance of the facilities. Some speak of “urban home automation” to describe these new urban services

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Stay safe with bollards: The key to safety with design value

Bollards define space and provide safety measures – with aesthetic appeal Every year in the United States, there are about 20,000 incidents of vehicles colliding with bus stops, offices, shopping centers, restaurants and other commercial sites? During the past few years, there have been numerous attacks with vehicles around the

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